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Money Cake

Number Cake Toppers (Set of 10)

Number Cake Toppers (Set of 10)

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These colorful numbers will make your birthday cake feel even more special. This set of 10 Birthday Number Cake Toppers (0-9) will add excitement to your birthday or anniversary celebration! The extra bonus is these cake toppers are also birthday candle holders. The hole at the top of each number fits a standard (3/16" diameter) birthday candle. (Candle not included.)

You will receive one set (0-9) in a single color of your choice.  Buy 2 sets and you will be able to make identical double digit numbers from 11 to 99 and 100!

Size: 3” H with 2" stake; candle not included

REUSABLE: When your celebration is over, hand wash the topper with a soft sponge and soapy water. Not dishwasher safe.

Combine these number cake toppers with Surprise Box Kit for a money gift that everyone will love receiving. 


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