How-To: Money Cake Surprise Box™

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Before you start:
  1. Hand wash pieces with dish soap and warm water. Dry well.  Not dishwasher safe.
  2. Watch our video and go through the following instructions
Money Cake kit with Birthday topper
Press button and carefully lift the lid to open the box. 
press button to open lid 
Let’s Roll:
This box is designed to hold up to 50 US dollar bills.*  
Other paper items like notes, event tickets, lottery tickets, etc. may be used but thicker items will decrease the amount of pockets the box can hold.  For best results use crisp, clean items.
*Some plastic rolls may have more than 50 pockets. Please cut off the excess as this box is designed to hold a maximum of 50 pockets.
  1. Place each money/paper item in a separate pocket. (Use a maximum of 50 pockets.) 
  2. After the last item, cut off the unused pockets along the perforation.
  3. Use a pencil as a guide to start rolling from the closed end of the roll (to prevent trapping air while rolling). After tightly rolling 3 pockets around the pencil, remove the pencil and continue rolling tight and evenly until your roll is complete. The maximum diameter of the completed roll is 1⅞” or 47mm.
    Quick Check: 
    Measure the diameter of your roll. Is it larger than 1⅞” or 47mm? If yes, then redo step 3. The money roll should fit loosely in the box.
    Time to assemble:
    With Roll Clip (a.k.a. clip): 
    1. Open clip by applying pressure with both clip
    2. Insert the clip into the lid slit (arrows pointing at each other). clip in lid slit
    3. Line up the slit on the lid with the end of money roll. Be sure that the direction of the roll aligns with lid’s slitalign roll with lid's slit
    4. Unroll at least 1” or 25mm of the money roll, place onto the clip. 
    5. Snap the clip closed. snap clip closed
    6. Be sure that the direction of the roll aligns with lid's slitalign direction of roll with lid's slit
    7. Roll money tightly onto the lid.roll money onto the lid
    8. Hold the lid and money roll, and apply the box on top. Be sure that the lid is locked onto the box
      close box
      Close box fully
    9. Insert the topper(s) snugly into clip slot(s).
      insert topper into box
    Without Roll Clip:
    1. Line up the slit on the lid with the end of money roll.  
    2. Feed at least 1” or 25mm of the money roll into the slit.
    3. Snap the lid on the box.
    4. Use tape or ribbon to attach the money roll to your cake topper, candy, or toy to pull on for the reveal!  Be creative!
    Quick Check:
    Look on all 4 sides of the box and ensure that the lid is on completely. There should not be any gaps between the lid and the box. Place box on table. Without touching the box or lid, pull on the topper to reveal 2 paper items. Does:
    • The box stay on the table, and
    • The topper stay on the clip, and
    • The money roll stay on the clip, and
    • The money rolls out smoothly?
    If YES to all 4, then reroll those 2 pockets, reassemble, and continue to the next step!  
    Quick Test
    If NO to any of the 4, no worries! Review “Let’s Roll” and/or “Time to Assemble” and try again. Here are some trouble-shooting tips:
    ⦁ My topper came out of the clip
    ⦁ Try to firmly push the topper tighter into the clip’s hole
    ⦁ Try a different hole in the clip
    ⦁ My money roll fell off the clip
    ⦁ Try to re-clip the money roll. Be sure that the clip is completely closed
    ⦁ Try to fold the money roll and re-clip on the folded material
    ⦁ My money roll is not coming out! (The box lifts when you pull)
    ⦁ Measure your money roll without squeezing, is it less than 1⅞” or 47mm in diameter? If not, try to reroll tighter
    ⦁ If still no luck, perhaps your items are not crisp enough (may occur if using worn dollar bills). Remove 1-2 paper items, cut off the excess money roll and reroll tighter
    Prepare your cake:
    1. Place the box on the top of your cake.
      Using box as guide to make cut in cake for assembled money box
    2. Using the box as a guide, score the cake, then set the box aside.
    3. Cut the hole slightly smaller than the box. The hole of the cake (excluding frosting) should be 2” or 50mm deep.
    4. Remove the cut portion of cake.
    5. Insert the assembled Surprise Box™ 50 into the hole. The cake needs to fit snugly into the hole. If it's too loose, fill space with cake or frosting.

    Quick Check:
    The 4 sides of the box should touch the cake. If not, fill in the gaps with frosting.
    Last Step:
    Add frosting or cake decorations to cover the Surprise Box™ 50.
    Use your creativity!  ( Place only a thin and light layer on top of the clip.)
    thin layer on top of clip
    Pull the topper!
    Thank you for supporting our small family business! *Reuse your Money Cake Surprise Box™ for more celebrations! Remember to hand wash; not dishwasher safe. Extra plastic rolls are available. We do not recommend reusing the plastic roll.  Here are the custom toppers that are compatible with our roll clip! 
    For a free $10 gift card from The Money Cake:
    Upload a video of your money cake to Instagram and tag us @moneycakeofficial_ with hashtag #themoneycake then DM us and mention the $10 giftcard OR email us at with your video.