Assembling Your Money Cake™

Thank you for purchasing our Money Cake™ Kit!  We are a family small business - please let us know if you have any questions and please share your pictures and videos with us at


Which Money Cake™ Kit do you have?

The Money Cake Kits are reusable.  Additional plastic rolls and compatible custom cake toppers are available. 

 (Note that colors may vary)


 1) Surprise Box™ 50

⦁ Holds up to 50 US dollar bills (be sure to count the number of pockets in your roll as some may have more than 50 pockets)

Click HERE for Surprise Box™ 50 directions


 2Surprise Box™ 25

(Currently Discontinued)

⦁ Holds up to 25 US dollar bills

⦁ Has 2 'bumpers' in the box

Click HERE for Surprise Box 25 directions


Surprise Cubes™ 

⦁ 6 Pop-up boxes jump out 

⦁ Personalize! Add confetti and money

Click HERE for Surprise Cubes directions


Surprise Cubes


 The Money Cake™ Stand

(Currently Discontinued)

Click HERE for The Money Cake™ Stand directions 


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