Candy Bowl Money Surprise

Money Surprise coming out of bowl of candy

Why not put our Money Surprise Cake kit into a bowl of candy instead of a cake!

Meet Andrea (WA) who made a Candy Bowl "Money Cake" using the Card Holder cake topper option.  Here are her tips:

"After assembling the money box, I taped the top in a couple spots so it wouldn't open, and I taped the bottom of the stake to the money roll so it wouldn't pull out when she pulled. We then taped the box to the bottom of the bowl.
Then we just put the candy all around it and some small pieces were covering the box. The candy stayed in place because none of it was blocking the money coming out."  Andrea also used the Money Surprise Cake kit in a gift box (see below, right).


Candy Bowl Money SurpriseGift Box Money Surprise


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