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"......After the bow came off I had her (my granddaughter) pull the template and out came the money.  I had put monopoly money in the first few envelopes and then the real money.  She kept pulling and everyone there was thrilled to see the money come out of the cake.  Everybody semed to think this was the best trick of all.  The best part of it was we could still eat the cake.  I am thrilled with this money cake and hope to use it a lot more."

- F. Stewart

How To

What’s The Money Cake? It's a new and exciting way for you to surprise people of all ages with a creative way to gift money. The Cake Kit is ideal for any celebration where a gift and a cake are involved. It is designed to cleverly hide a long strip of dollar bills of any denomination or gift certificates and/or checks under an actual cake, and includes a plastic spout that allows the roll of currency to pass through the cake without touching it. Additional rolls can be ordered as necessary.

Imagine the excitement and astonishment when your guest of honor unexpectedly pulls a seemingly endless roll of dollar bills from inside a decorated yet edible frosted cake.

The Money Cake Kit consists of a six part cake display stand that is used not only to display the cake, but more importantly to contain and hide a seemingly endless roll of dollar bills of any denomination. One of three spouts (1½", 2 ½" & 3 1/8") can be used to provide a clear path for the roll of dollars to pass through the cake that you bake, buy or order. Three rolls of fifty bags each are provided; each bag is fitted to hold bills of any denomination, gift cards, and or checks. The Money Cake Kit is manufactured out of durable ABS plastic. It comes in only one color: White

Full cake kit with $50

In a few easy steps:

  • Bake one or two 8", 9" or 10" round cakes using your own baking pans. (Warning: do NOT use the cake kit in the oven).
  • Place cakes on the cake plate.
  • Lift up the cake plate and cut the hole.
  • Insert the spout.
  • Put money in bags.
  • Prepare template with bags and ribbon.
  • Feed roll of money through the spout to the top of the cake.
  • Place cake plate on top of the base.
  • Decorate cake!
  • Add a cake top decoration.
  • Take to party and WATCH AND ENJOY

Directions Video:

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Instructional Video:  Find out how to make your creative money gift a surprise by watching an instructional video!

To see The Money Cake in action, click below: 



CakeTop Plate, the Ring and Base, 3 spouts, 3 rolls of 50 bags each    

Money Cake Kit                                                                                                     

One paper template (more templates can be downloaded and printed from our downloads page )

ALL YOU NEED:  scissors, knife or spatula, scotch tape, ribbon about 5 to 12" long (optional), and/or decorative top (optional).

NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT:  Cake and money

NOTE: Absolutely no part of The Money CakeTM Kit is intended to be used in the actual baking of the cake. The cake display stand is designed for display purposes only. However, the durable plastic display stand can be washed and reused for many parties to come.

RECOMMENDATION: The plastic bags should be thrown away after each use. You can order more bags from the button below!  4 money envelope bags sells for $5.00 plus shipping.

always fun with The money Cake